Restoration and Conservation of Historic Buildings and Monuments

Product Application Key

  1. Lime concrete
  2. Bedding and pointing mortar for slabs
  3. Bedding and pointing for stone and brick masonry using Lime Mortar
  4. Bedding and pointing for ashlar masonry and fine jointed brickwork
  5. Bedding and pointing mortars for wall head copes, chimneys and mortar skews
  6. Grouting for cavity consolidation
  7. Plasterwork on the hard and on timber lath
  8. External render / stucco / harling
  9. Lime wash
  10. Torching / bedding for tiles

Also see Stone & Brick Restoration, Repair and Creation

Also see Restoration and Conservation Mortars

You may wish to read an article written by Ugo Spano titled: Preserving our built heritage: St. Astier NHL mortars

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