TRADIBLANC - a multi use Natural Lime Binder

St Astier Natural Hydraulic Limes (NHL)

For building mortars, roofing, chimneys, floor tiling. Based on St. Astier natural hydraulic lime with addition of white cement and additives for highly workable and breathable mortars. Similar to HOURDEX but white in colour for better sand colour reproduction.

Technical data POWDER Test std MORTAR Mix ratio 1:3 Test std
Dry Density 800 g.l. +/-10% BS459 >1425g.l>+/- 25g 1650g.l wet +/- 50g EN1015-11 EN1015-6
Whiteness Y 70 + NFX08.012    
Workability     210mm +/- 10mm EN1015-3
Water retention     81% +/- 3% CSTB 2669-4
Compressive strength

7 days
28 days
1.5 N.mm2
4-5 N.mm2    (minimum)
6-7 N.mm2    (minimum)

Thermal conductivity     0.540 W/m.K EN 1745
Vapour permeability     1.60.10-9kg/m2sPa (0.77g x m2 x h x mmHg) EN 1015.19
Elasticity moduli     7000 – 9000 MPa CSTB
Capilarity     0.75 g.min.  
Fire resistance     Class A (with silica or calcareous sands)  

Packing: 35kg. bags. Pallets of 1T (40 bags). Shelf life :12 months in dry and sealed conditions.
Mortar preparation: up to 5 minutes in conventional drum mixers.
Sand: clean, well graded 0-3mm (general). Lower or higher granulometries can be adopted.
Avoid monogranular sands.

Adequately dampen materials or background if too dry or with high suction. Do not work in temperatures below 5oC or above 35oC. The building materials or background should not be frosty or too hot or water saturated. Protect fresh mortars from frost, rain or strong direct sun. Storage: in dry store. Reseal open bags a.s.a.p

Bricks, blocks,     1:2.25 sand
floor tiling, roofing 1 bag (35kg)> 100 litres 1:2.25 sand
chimneys     1:2.25 sand

Renders: Please consult your St. Astier Distributor

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