Ecological Considerations for Construction Projects

The use of St. Astier NHL limes and mortars not only ensures a considerable re-absorption of CO2 but also improves the overall environmental quality in a building. Living conditions are improved due to the breathability of the mortars, reducing the unpleasant consequences of accumulation of condensation and damp, making the air quality in a dwelling much more pleasant and the dwelling itself more energy efficient. Building materials can be easily re-cycled, contrary to what happens when hard cement based mortars are used.

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The St. Astier products are not toxic, they do not contain any Fly Ashes, heavy metals or other potentially polluting components. Their alkalinity does not promote organic growth. In restoration work, the chemical composition of these mortars will be compatible with the one of existing mortars and will not introduce potentially damaging components into the building fabric causing, in time, the deterioration of mortar joints and consequent moisture penetration.

The durability of these mortars, proven by a track record of over 150 years, is such that when correctly applied, no further energy (and money) will have to be spent in carrying out repairs or major interventions for a very long time.


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